Product Care

Jewelry Care & Handling Instructions

Product Maturation, Care & Handling

It is important to keep Maya Fasthoff® leather merchandise dry. Do not let the leather get wet, and take precautions to prevent lotions or perfumes from getting on the bracelet, as this may cause the colors to bleed and will damage the leather.

As with all leather products, the leather in Maya Fasthoff® merchandise will mature as you wear it. The leather will absorb your skin oils as you wear it, typically resulting in the leather becoming slightly darker, softer and more malleable.

Do not try to pull the bracelet over your hand without opening closure, as this will undo the twists in the leather and damage the bracelet. If the closure knots of the bracelet become loose, simply tug the tail gently with a pair of jewelry pliers to tighten it up.

Do not twist the bracelet in the opposite direction of the design, as this may loosen the twists and damage the bracelet.

Size Adjustments

To adjust to your size, simply close the bracelet at the knot that fits your wrist and trim the excess with scissors, but be sure to leave at least a ½ inch tail to pull when fastening the bracelet.


It is best to store Maya Fasthoff® bracelets coiled in a circular shape, as if it were wrapped on your wrist. This will help preserve the twist design as the bracelet takes the shape of your wrist.